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After a promising professional baseball career was cut short by injury, our founder, Peter Tucci, sought a way to stay close to the game that he loved. With the encouragement and support of Pete’s wife, family and friends, Tucci Lumber Company was launched in 2009.

After years of combining firsthand knowledge of professional players’ needs, extensive technical research and constant design and manufacturing process refinement, Tucci wood bats have reached the pinnacle of the industry. Our bats are now trusted by hundreds of pro player clients, and countless other clients across the globe.

Impressed by the quality, and on-the-field performance of our products, professional stars Troy Tulowitzki and Pablo Sandoval joined Peter Tucci's family in 2014.

Our relentless drive to create the highest quality, highest performance products to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes has not been limited to Tucci wood bats.