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Warstic Sports, Inc. is an independent, USA-based, direct-to-consumer focused sporting goods brand focused on hard-goods for stic-based sports. We work to design products that inspire stic athletes to attack the ball and life with the mindset of a warrior hunting prey. We are on a long journey to design, produce and sell stics for Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Hunting & Fishing, Surf/Skate/Snow, and Golf & Tennis. Through our products, we offer the lethal combination of original design artistry and high performance, precision sports weaponry made for all out war on the field. Warstic® branded goods are built to spec for the individual stic athlete that competes with a warrior’s mentality and follows their own code of substance, style, and character. We are, and we are for, the underdog. Period. And we are all coming for you.